Where you are born makes you a NATIVE of that country. Mention you are from Aotearoa New Zealand and people instantly exclaim "you're a kiwi!". We are recognised around the world as fun loving, easy going, friendly, hardworking people.


Making up only 0.5% of the worlds population, we are like the kiwi bird - extremely rare and unique...we are unique as a people. This design allows you to embrace your kiwi uniqueness and show it to the world.

** This design is Limited Edition, with only 40 pieces created across all sizes**

Kiwi Native

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  • Care Instructions

    Each dT GEAR basketball jersey is manufactured using a full sublimation printing process within a lightweight polyester fabric that provides a cool and comfortable fit and plenty of room to move. The quality of the product it tested with each new design to ensure you receive the best product we can provide.

    Wash these garments using a normal wash, and they can be ironed using a low setting. As with any polyster heavy fabric, using a high setting to iron this could result in the fabric being burned. 

  • Available Sizes

    Women's Sizes:   XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL

    Men's Sizes:         Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL