downTIME GEAR  is the result of a ‘project’ I started to create some cool GEAR for me and my mates. We live in Singapore but all come from Aotearoa New Zealand and are fiercely determined to stay grounded in our Maori and Kiwi culture while we live away from home.


I wanted to create GEAR that is exclusive to our group, comfortable, high quality, and starts conversations. The GEAR you want to wear during your downTIME - chilling, relaxing, cruising, socialising.


dT GEAR started as a hobby but has manifested into a passion to make GEAR carrying a New Zealand branding that is easy to wear and stands out for its simplicity and its uniqueness. GEAR to be worn by like-minded people across the globe, not just my group of mates.

We have created designs that tell a story or carry a message so you have a reason to buy the garment apart from it just looking good when you are wearing it. Our products are limited edition, with no more than 20 pieces of each design produced for sale. So you can be sure that you are purchasing something very unique when you buy any of the dT GEAR labels.


Three distinctive labels show the difference in styles and designs adding to the variety and depth of dT GEAR, and appealing to all fashion flavours:


  dT NATIVE - designs and styles unique to Aotearoa New Zealand and celebrated throughout the world.

  dT ROOTS - founded in a melting pot of indigenous and contemporary cultures, spreading love, positivity and good vibes.

  dT STREET - comfortable enough to chill in at home with enough style to wear out on the street.

dT GEAR provides a wide range of designs and styles that can be worn by people of all ages. Our aim is to make dT GEAR accessible to all while maintaining the quality that will see it last and keep it exclusive.  We want you to feel part of a very small and special group of people around the world that own a unique piece of clothing.


Thanks for your support - nga mihi nui.



Aotearoa - Singapore

The first dT GEAR styles for the Singapore boys.
IMG_0077 2.JPG